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It is not just the weather but certain practices that can cause severe dehydration of the skin, leading dryness.

Make a few simple changes to your daily winter care routines, and you can enjoy winter, without any negative effects.

Drink Water:

Drinking lots of water and fresh juices is the best way to keep hydrated and gain back the lost moisturize. Water hydrates the body from within at the cellular level. Ensure to drink at least 2 liters daily to maintain healthy skin.

Eat Water Loaded Foods:

Foods also play a major role in rehydration the body from within. Consume fresh vegetables and fruits with high water content like zucchini, cucumber, celery, bottle gourd, ridge gourd, snake gourd, citrus fruits for vitamins and to boost immunity to fight infections.

Use Lukewarm Water:

Many of us prefer hot water shower during winter without realizing the harm it does to our skin. Hot water dries skin out rapidly causing itchiness and takes away natural moisturizer out. Avoid taking long showers, always use lukewarm water.


Invest in a good moisturize that goes well with your skin type, this winter. Always apply moisturizer on the wet skin to seal hydration. One can also use coconut oil, almond oil for natural moisturization.


Winter is also time to exfoliate dead skin cells on a regular basis. Cold weather makes skin cells dehydrate and die much faster than in summer. Go for good exfoliate scrubs or try natural products like honey, curd with bison powder, granulated sugar mixed with coffee powder and traditional green gram powder with turmeric.