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Care n Cure Medshop, is one of the fast-growing retail pharmacy chains in Kerala, India. Established in 2016, Care n Cure has spread very rapidly by 11 retail pharmacies across the northern part of Kerala with more on the way.

We believe “A pharmacy is so much more than just a place to fill prescriptions. It’s a place where people can find convenient Pharmaceutical products, Supplements, Medical equipment, Personal and Beauty products, Surgical, Disposables and more”.

We are committed to ensure that our products meet with internationally acceptable standards of quality, purity, efficacy and safety during the entire span of shelf life of the product.

Care n Cure pharmacies are adhered to many regulations which includes monitoring and documentation of the temperature in the sales room, storeroom and drugs refrigerators to ensure that the medicines are properly stored and maintained as per the standard thereby guaranteeing the quality of the products and wellbeing of the customers.

Care n Cure has a well-defined focus on making our pharmacies a welcoming, safe, and efficient environment by offering an accessible, supportive, and convenient health care experience. We take time to listen to your specific needs and our team of qualified and professional pharmacists have a deep understanding of your condition, and are always here to help.

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